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Find the perimeter and area of each figure below.

  1. Trapezoid, with left and right sides, perpendicular to the bottom side, and top side slanted down and to the right. Sides are labeled as follows: Left, 15 m, Top: 9.85 m, Right: 11 m, Bottom: 9 meters.

    The formula to find the area of a trapezoid is

    Find the perimeter by finding the sum of the given side lengths.

  1. A triangle with sides labeled as follows: bottom: 9 m, left: 14 m, right: 7 meters. An external triangle is created, by a line segment of 4 m, drawn from the top vertex, to the extended base, at right angles.

    The formula to find the area of a triangle is

    Do not be confused by the fact that the height is outside the triangle. The formula still applies.