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Consider the units in this list: inches, centimeters, feet, yards, meters, kilometers, and miles. For each situation given below, list the units that would be most commonly used to measure the length or distance described.

  1. Distance from Bellingham, WA, to Washington, DC.

    Washington state and Washington, DC are on opposite sides of the United States. Do you know how long this country is?

    It would be best to measure in kilometers or miles.

  2. Length of a small stuffed animal.

    You would probably measure this length in inches or centimeters.

  3. How far you walk during lunchtime at school.

    You probably walk less than a mile, but more than a few feet. What could be a measurement in the middle of these two extremes?

  4. Height of your classroom.

    You could measure this length in feet, meters, or yards.

  5. Length of your shortest fingernail.

  • Your fingernails are fairly small, so your measurement will be as well. Can you think of a small unit of measurement?