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Look at the generic rectangle at right.

  1. What two numbers are being multiplied using this rectangle? How can you tell?

    We can see that 3 is a factor of both 150 and 6, so we can put it on the diagram as shown. Then we can see that 50 belongs at the top.

    exterior top left is

    exterior top right blank

    exterior top left is blank

    interior top left is

    interior top right is 

    exterior bottom left is

    interior botton left is

    interior bottom right is

  2. Write the product as a sum of the areas and find the answer.

    Remember that you are adding the smaller areas to find the total area.

  3. Use the Distributive Property to write an equation showing that the product is equal to an expression with parentheses, multiplication, and addition.

  • Refer to the Math Notes box in this lesson for help with the Distributive Property.

Interior Top Left is 

Interior Top Right is  

Interior Bottom Left is  

Interior Bottom Right is