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The diagram at right is the floor plan of Randy’s apartment. All measurements are in feet. Use the diagram to answer the following questions.  

left edge top 

interior upper left bathroom

interior upper right kitchen

left edge bottom

  interior bottom left bedroom

interior bottom right living room

Bottom edge left 

Bottom edge right 

  1. What are the dimensions (length and width) of Randy’s living room?

    Label the remaining sides of the rectangles with the lengths directly across from them. Labels added: top edge left, 9, top edge right, 15, right edge top, 7, right edge bottom, 10




    living room

    Don't forget about your units!

  2. Randy’s friends are coming to visit him soon. He plans to keep them out of his bedroom. Find the area of each of the other three rooms he will have to clean.

    Area is the total square units of a shape. In this case, the length multiplied by the width.

    The area of the bathroom is feet2, since . What are the areas of the kitchen and the living room?

  3. What is the total area of the rooms he will have to clean?

    Sum the answers in part (b).

    square feet