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Skye’s Ice Cream Shoppe is Mario’s favorite place to get ice cream. Unfortunately, because he was late arriving there, his friends had already ordered. He did not know what they ordered for him. They told him that it was either a waffle cone or a sundae and that the ice cream flavor was apricot, chocolate, or blackberry.

  1. Make a list of all of the possible ice cream orders.

    Waffle-Apricot, Waffle-Chocolate, Waffle-Blackberry, Sundae-Apricot, Sundae-Blackberry, Sundae-Chocolate

  2. What is the probability that Mario will get something with apricot ice cream?

    Use your list of possible outcomes from part (a)

    How many total combinations are there? How many of those totals have apricot ice cream?

  3. What is the probability that he will get a sundae?

    How many of the combinations include a sundae?

  4. What is the probability that he will get either something with chocolate or a waffle cone with blackberry?

    See your list from part (a).

  5. What is the probability that he will get orange sherbet?

    How many times does orange sherbet show up in your list?