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The Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii, has seats for people. At an upcoming football game, a company is planning to give away free hats to people based on where they are sitting (assume all seats will be filled).

  1. The seats are divided into sections. If hats are to be given in only sections, what is the probability of a guest sitting in a winning section?

    How many total sections are there and how many sections will be picked?

  2. The company is going to choose three rows in each section to win the hats. There are rows in a section. If you are sitting in a winning section, what is the probability that you are not sitting in a winning row?

    How many rows are there in total? How many rows will not be picked?

  3. The company plans to give away hats. If you attend the game, what is the probability that you will receive a hat?

    How many hats are being given away and how many people are attending the game?