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Identify the terms, coefficients, constant terms, and factors in each expression below.


    Refer to the vocabulary from the Math Notes box in Lesson 9.3.3 below.


    Terms: and
    Coefficients: and
    Constant term:
    Factors: and

Term: Parts of the expression separated by addition and subtraction.
For example, in the expression above, the three terms are , and .
The expression  has two terms,  and .

Coefficient: The number that a variable is multiplied by. In the example above,  is the coefficient of .
In the expression , both  and  are coefficients.

Constant: A number that is not multiplied by a variable. In the example,  is a constant.
  is not a constant because it is multiplied by a variable inside the parentheses. 

Factor: Part of a multiplication expression. In the example,  and  are factors.
So are  and .