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On your paper, copy the Diamond Problems below and use the pattern you discovered earlier to complete each of them. The pattern is shown at right. Some of these may be challenging! Homework Help ✎

xy diamond

  1. Diamond problem 6 left and 11 right diamond

    For Diamond Problems where you have the right and left numbers, simply find their product to fill in the top space and their sum for the bottom space.

  1. Diamond problem -1in left and 4 in right diamond

    Make sure not to forget about the negative sign! The product of a positive and negative number should be negative.

  1. Diamond problem 6 in top and -2 in right diamond

    Remember that a negative number must be multiplied by another negative number in order to have a positive product.

  1. Diamond problem -8 in top and 7 in bottom diamond

    Try listing the factors of the top number. Which pair of factors result in the bottom number when added?


  1. Diamond problem 1/2 in left and 1/2 in right diamond

    When multiplying fractions, find the answer by writing the product of the numerators over the product of the denominators.

  1. Diamond problem 1/3 in left and 3/4 in right diamond

    What is the lowest common denominator?

  1. Diamond problem x in left and x in right diamond

    Is there a better way to write the product than ?

  1. Diamond problem a in left and b in right diamond

    See the example below.