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Read the Math Notes box in this lesson to review commonly used algebra vocabulary. Then consider the expression below as you answer the following questions.  

See the Math Notes below. 

Math Vocabulary

Variable: A letter or symbol that represents one or more numbers.

Expression: A combination of numbers, variables, and operation symbols.  An expression does not contain an equal sign.  For example: .  Also,  is a smaller expression within the larger expression. 

Terms: Parts of the expression separated by addition and subtraction.  For example, in the expression , the three terms are , and .  The expression  has two terms,  and .

Coefficient: The numerical part of a term.  In the expression  is the coefficient of .  In the expression , both  and  are coefficients.

Constant term: A number that is not multiplied by a variable.  In the example above,  is a constant term.  The number  is not a constant term because it is multiplied by a variable inside the parentheses.

Factor: Part of a multiplication expression.  In the expression , 3 and  are factors.

  1. Name a constant.

  2. What are the two factors in ? What are the two factors in ?

    and ; and

  3. Write an expression with a variable , a coefficient , and a constant of .

  4. Use the words coefficient, constant, term, expression, variable, and factor to describe .

    Refer to the Math Notes above.

  5. Use the words factor, product, quotient, and sum to describe the parts of .