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Alden found a partially completed 5-D table:  




Trial 1:

too small

Trial 2:

just right

  1. Create a word problem that could have been solved using this table.

    The "Do" column sums the three values in the "Define" column. Think about a situation using ages, lengths, or weights that could be used to write a problem.

  2. What words would you put above the numbers in the three empty sections in the “Trial” and “Define” parts of the table?

    The answer is based on your word problem from part (a). For example, if you chose weights of blocks, these columns would be the weights of the first, second, and third blocks.

  3. What word(s) would you put above the “Do” column?

    Based on the word problem you created, what does this total represent?

    From the example given in part (b), ''Do'' column is the total weight of the three blocks.