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Write an equation to represent the situation below and answer the question. You may use the 5-D Process to help you.

Andrew just opened a new office-supply store. He has been keeping track of how many customers visit his store. During his second week, he had more customers than he did the first week. The third week, he had four less than twice as many customers as he had during the second week. In his fourth week of business, he had customers. If he had customers in total during his first four weeks of business, how many customers did he have during the second week?  

Create an expression to represent this problem using a variable, . Try to write and solve for an equation, or if necessary, use the 5-D Process you learned earlier.

Each of the weeks ultimately relates to the first week, so we can define the first week's customers as . Write expressions for each of the other weeks based on the variable.

First week :
Second week:
Third Week:
Fourth Week:

Create an expression by summing up each of the week's customers to total as given by the problem, then solve for the variable. Remember that the problem asks you to find the number of customers in the second week.