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Jessica wants to make a spinner that has all of the following characteristics. Sketch a possible spinner for Jessica. Be sure to label each section of the spinner with a name and with its theoretical probability.   

  • Blue, red, purple, and green are the only colors on the spinner.

  • It is half as likely to land on blue as to land on red.

  • It is three times as likely to land on purple as green.

  • There is a probability of landing on either blue or red and a probability of landing on either purple or green.

You know from characteristics and  that and each equal one-half as shown below.

A circle divided into 2 equal parts. The right side is labeled purple and green.  The left side is labeled blue and red.

Use the eTool below to create the spinner with the characteristics outlined in the problem.
Click the link at right for the full version of the eTool: