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Athletes in the Middle Plains School District regularly receive personal advising on their nutrition. Coaches wondered if the nutritional advising was having an impact, so they divided athletes into two groups. One group received advice and one group did not. After six months, they collected the following data:


Received Nutrition Advice

Did Not Receive
Nutrition Advice

Regularly Ate a
Balanced Breakfast

Often Did Not Eat a
Balanced Breakfast

  1. Which is the independent variable?

    What were the two groups in the study?
    Which variable, if changed, had an effect on the outcome of the study?

    Receiving nutrition advice.

  2. Make a conditional relative frequency table.

    What is the total number of athletes in each column?
    What percentage of each column received nutrition advice?
    What percentage of each column did not?
    Use this information to make your table.

  3. Is there an association between receiving the nutritional advice and regularly eating a balanced breakfast?

    There does not appear to be an association, because about the same percentage of athletes who did receive advice and who did not receive advice ate a balanced breakfast