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The students at Dolan Middle School are competing in after-school activities in which they earn points for helping out around the school. Each team consists of the students in a homeroom. Halfway through the competition, the scores from the students in two of the teams were displayed in the plots at right.

The champion team is the one with the most points when the scores of the students on the team are added. Which team would you rather be on? Explain.  

2 parallel Box Plots: x axis, scaled in fifties, from 0 to 200. Values are approximate. Top, labeled, Team 2: Left whisker: 25 to 40. Box: 40 to 150, with vertical line at 115. Right whisker: 150 to 160. Bottom, labeled, Team 1: Left whisker: 45 to 55. Box: 55 to 115, with vertical line at 100. Right whisker: 115 to 155.

What are the differences in the two plots?
What do these differences tell you about the two teams?
Use that information to make your decision.