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Ellen is building a scale model of the space shuttle. A space shuttle is approximately feet long and has a wingspan of feet.  

  1. How many inches long is the space shuttle?

    foot = inches

  2. Ellen plans to build her model so that cm on the model represents inches on the space shuttle. Write a proportion to show this relationship for the length of her model. Find how long will her model be (in centimeters)?

    Multiply your answer from part (a) by this ratio:


  3. Write and solve a proportion to find her model’s wingspan (in centimeters)?

    Follow the same process as in parts (a) and (b): convert the space shuttle's wingspan from feet to inches and then use the scale factor to find the model's wingspan in centimeters.

  4. Remember that inch is approximately equal to cm. How many inches long will her model be?

    Multiply your answer from part (b) by this ratio: .