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Is each shape below a prism? If so, identify the shape that is the base. If not, explain why not.  

  1. A 3 dimensional figure where the bases are triangles and the 3 sides are rectangles.

    A prism is a three-dimensional polyhedron composed of polygons which has two congruent and parallel sides, or bases.

    Examine the shape. Does it fit the characteristics of a prism stated above?

    It is a prism because it has a pair of triangular bases.

  1. A 5 sided polygon with all sides the same length.

    See part (a).

  1. A 3 dimensional diagram, showing the front and top, of a can shape.

    It is not a prism because not all of its surfaces are polygons.

  1. A 3 dimensional diagram, showing the front, right, and top sides, of an L shaped box.

    See part (a).