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  1. Imagine that you and your team will be conducting a survey to see how many minutes long lunch should be at your school. Students understand that the longer lunch is, the longer the school day is. Since you cannot ask every student, you will take a sample. Homework Help ✎

    1. You ask every tenth student leaving a school-wide assembly to stop and think about how long he or she would like lunch to be. Do you think this sample is representative of the whole school?

    2. These are the answers, in minutes, from the first 20 students:

      60 40 50 25 30 15 30 50 50 35 45 25 25 50 25 60 55 60 60 15

      Make an inference(a statistical prediction) about the average length all students at your school think lunch should be.

What is a representative sample? Think of what a representative sample tells you about a population.

Yes, this is a good sample.

Try finding the mean and median of the data to help you make your inference.