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Refer to the diagram at right to answer the questions below.    

  1. Copy the diagram and add two tiles so that the result is a value of . You can add positive and/or negative tiles. Show the tiles you added to get this answer

    This problem is very similar to problem 3-34. Last time, you were told how many tiles to add or subtract. This time, you will need to use your own understanding to determine how best to reach by adding two tiles.

    Since the current value of this diagram is , you will need to add one negative tile
    and one positive piece to keep the value of .

  2. Copy the diagram again, but this time remove four tiles (again positives and/or negatives) so that the result is a value of . Show the tiles you removed to get this answer.

    You already know the current value is . By only removing tiles from the picture,
    how does become ? Think about this question, then proceed with the problem.