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Find the area of each figure below.

First, examine each shape to determine which type of shape it is. Look for characteristics such as right angles, same length sides, and number of sides.

After you have determined the type of shape, recall the area formulas specific to that shape. In this case, a parallelogram and a triangle.

  1. A parallelogram, slanted right, with bottom and top sides, each 27 inches. Left and right sides are each 18 inches. A line segment of 17 inches, drawn from the top left vertex, to the bottom side, at a 90 degree angle to the bottom.

    The 17 inch label, is circled in green. The 27 inch label, is circled in orange. Title added: area =, base (in orange), times height (in green).

    sq. in.

  1. A triangle with sides labeled as follows: left side, 11 m, right side, 17 m, bottom, 20.75 m, with a line segment, labeled, 9 m, from the top vertex, to the bottom, at right angles.

    The 20.75 m label, circled in orange. The 9 m label, circled in green. Title added: area =, 1 half, times base (in orange), times height (in green).