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Review what you know about graphs as you complete parts (a) through (d) below.  

  1. Find the equation of the line graphed at right.

    Use the -intercept and the growth rate to write the equation of the line at right.

  2. What are its - and -intercepts?

    Remember that the -intercept is the point on the graph where and that the -intercept is the point where .

  3. On your own graph paper, graph the line.

  4. On the same set of axes, graph a line that is parallel to the line graphed at right and that goes through the origin . Find the equation of this new line.

    Remember that parallel lines have the exact same growth rate.

    Substitute the point given into the basic equation
    and simplify to find the equation of the line.

    the growth rate
    the -intercept

A  decreasing line passing through (0, comma 1) and (1, comma negative 1).

Explore the problem using the eTool below.
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