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Louis is dilating triangle at right. He multiplied each -coordinate and -coordinate of triangle by .   (Desmos)   

  1. What are the new coordinates of the points?

    Use the graph to find the coordinates of points , , and . Then multiply each value by . For example, point is originally . Its new coordinates will be . Find points and .

  2. Graph Louis’ new triangle.

    After multiplying each -coordinate and -coordinate by , plot the new points.

  3. Describe how triangle changed.

    Its sides are twice as long and rotated .

Triangle, A, B, C with vertices at the points A(negative 3, comma 2), B(negative 2, comma negative 2), C(1, comma 2).

Use the eTool below to graph Louis' new triangle.
Click the link at right for the full version of the eTool: