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The two histograms below show how precisely Lue threw 50 darts with his right hand and then 50 with his left hand. Study the two histograms.  Homework Help ✎



  1. Estimate what the box plots would look like and make a parallel box plot.

    Refer to Lessons 8.1.1 and 8.1.2 if you need help making a box plot. Remember that a parallel box plot will help you compare the data for the left and right hands.

  2. Compare the center, shape, spread, and outliers between Lue’s left hand and right hand.

    What do you immediately notice when comparing the two graphs? What are their differences in shape, spread, etc.? Be sure that you are thorough in your description.

    The right hand histogram is fairly symmetrical, single-peaked, and mound-shaped. With his left hand, however, there is a skew to the left with a peak near the bull's eye. What other differences or similarities do the data have?

  3. Is Lue more precise throwing with his right hand or with his left hand?

    Find the IQR for each set of data. The one with the smaller IQR will indicate greater accuracy.

    Lue throws more consistently with his left hand.

  4. Use the box plot to estimate how many IQRs above the median Lue’s better hand is. Explain your thinking.

    This language can sometimes be confusing. First, you need to find the medians for both data sets. Then determine their approximate difference in terms of IQRs.