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Suppose you were conducting a survey to try to determine what portion of voters in your small town support a particular candidate for mayor. Consider each of the following methods for sampling the voting population of your town. State whether each is likely to produce a representative sample and explain your reasoning.  Homework Help ✎

Look at the Math Notes box below for help in determining if a particular method will create a representative sample.

  1. Ask every voter on your block.

  2. Randomly pick one house from each block in the town and survey the homeowner.

  3. Survey each person at the I-Jump Pancake Restaurant after church on Sunday morning.

    Part (c): Not representative. This sample only includes those who attend church, eat at the pancake restaurant, and have time for brunch.

  4. Ask people who are leaving the twice-yearly town hall meeting.

  5. Visit every tenth person on the county’s voter registration list.


Math Notes box