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Use the vocabulary terms you learned today to classify the following angle pairs. Use the terms complementary, supplementary, adjacent, and vertical.  

  1. 2 slanted intersecting lines, create 4 angles about the point of intersection, labeled as follows: 60 degrees, unknown, 60 degrees, and unknown.

  1. Two non connected angles, labeled as follows: left, 65 degrees, right, 25 degrees.

  1. 2 non connected angles, labeled as follows: Left, 150 degrees, right, 30 degrees.

  1. 3 rays starting at the same point. The gap between the left and middle ray is labeled 40 degrees. The gap between the middle and right ray is labeled 65 degrees.

Look at the Math Notes box in Lesson 8.3.2 to help you with this problem.

Supplementary angles