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Freda Function has another quadratic function for you to investigate! Graph the equation and then answer the questions from problem 1-23.  

Look at the equation. Which way do you think the parabola will open up?

A upward parabola containing the points (negative 3, comma 12), (Negative 2, comma 8), (negative 1, comma 4), (0, comma 3), (1, comma 4), (2, comma 8), and (3, comma 12).

Below are the questions from problem 1-23 for you to answer.
Look carefully at your parabola when you are answering them.

  • How would you describe the shape of your parabola?  For example, would you describe your parabola as opening up or down?  Do the sides of the parabola ever go straight up or down (vertically)?  Why or why not?  Is there anything else special about its shape?

  • Does your parabola have any lines of symmetry?  That is, can you fold the graph of your parabola so that each side of the fold exactly matches the other?  If so, where would the fold be?  Do you think this works for all parabolas?  Why or why not?  For more information on lines of symmetry, see the Math Notes box at the end of this lesson.

  • Are there any special points on your parabola?  Which points do you think are important to know? 

  • Are there - and -intercepts?  What are they?  Are there any intercepts that you expected but do not exist for your parabola? 

  • Is there a highest (maximum) or lowest (minimum) point on the graph of your parabola?  If so, where is it?  This point is called a vertex

Use the eTool below to help you graph the equation.
Click on the link at right for the full eTool version: CCA 1-25 HW eTool