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The price of homes (in thousands of dollars) is associated with the number of square feet in a home. Home prices in Smallville can be modeled with the equation  where is the price of the home in thousands of dollars and a is the area of the house in square feet. Home prices in Fancyville can be modeled with the equation . Ngoc saw a real estate advertisement for a square foot home that was selling for . Which city should she predict that the home is in? 6-16 HW eTool (Desmos).

Complete the tables in the eTool below to determine which city the home is in.
Click the link at right for the full version of the eTool: CCA 6-16 HW eTool

How much does a 2800 square foot home cost in Smallville?
How much in Fancyville?

The price of a 2800 square foot home in Smallville is 150 + 0.041(2800).
The price in Fancyville is 250 + 0.981(2800).
Which is closer to the price of the house that Ngoc saw?

The price of the house Ngoc saw is closer to that of a house in Smallville, so she should predict that the house is in Smallville.