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Chris got a summer job at an environmental sciences lab. He was using a microscope to measure the length of a particular organelle in tree sap cells and the diameter of the cell itself. Chris collected the following data. A “” is a micrometer or one-millionth of a meter.

 Length of Organelle ()

 Diameter of Cell ()

  • Use your calculator to make a scatterplot.
    Complete and draw .
    Verify linearity with a residual plot.
    Describe the form, direction (including the slope and -intercept in context),
    strength (including an interpretation or and ), and possible outliers.
    Draw upper and lower bounds for the model used for prediction.

  1. What would you include in a mini-report that fully describes all aspects of a linear association? Make as detailed a list as you can.

  2. Fully describe all aspects of the linear association in context. Include appropriate graphs.