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The table below lists the time and elevation of a submarine as it dives towards the ocean floor.

Time (minutes)

Elevation (meters)

  1. Why is the elevation given as a negative number?

    This problem is about a submarine.
    Submarines usually travel . . .

  2. What happens to the elevation of the submarine as the time increases?

    The elevation is getting more negative, which means the submarine is going deeper.

  3. Using the pattern in the table, what is the elevation of the submarine after 3 hours? After 45 minutes? After 0 minutes?

    After 3 hours (180 minutes) the elevation is meters.
    After 45 minutes the elevation is meters.
    After 0 minutes, the elevation is meters.

  4. Graph the relationship in the table.

    Plot the points. Put time on the -axis and elevation on the -axis. One point would be at .

  5. Review the Math Notes box in this lesson. Is this relationship proportional? Why or why not? If the relationship is proportional, is it increasing or decreasing? If it is not proportional, explain why not.

    As you review the Math Notes box, which type of graph does your graph look most like?