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Copy the diagrams below on graph paper. Then find the result when each indicated transformation is performed.   

  1. Reflect Figure A across line .
    Figure A is a triangle on the left side of the vertical line of reflection, l. Figure A starts 2 units to the left of, l.  Then draw diagonally down 1 & left 4.  Then draw diagonally down 6 and to the right 3.  Then draw diagonally up 7 and right 1 to enclose Figure A.

  1. Rotate Figure B clockwise about point P.
    Enclosed polygon labeled B, begins at a point labeled, P, goes up 5, then left 3, then down 3, left 1, then diagonally down 2 & right 1, then right 3 to enclose the polygon.

  1. Reflect Figure C across line .
    Figure C is an enclosed figure. Starting at the upper left corner: right 2, diagonal right 1 & down 1, then, down 3, left 2, down 1, left 1, up 5 to enclose the figure. The line of reflection, m, is drawn diagonally to the right of the figure. Line, m, starts 9 units down from the start of Figure C. The line has a slope of 1.

  1. Rotate Figure D about point Q.
    Point labeled Q, & enclosed polygon labeled, D, with point up 2 & left 1 from point Q, continues diagonally up 2 & right 2, then right 4, down 3, left 4, & diagonally up 1 & left 2 to enclose the polygon.

The eTool below shows the transformations for all parts.
Click the link at right for the full version of the eTool: Int1 3-140 HW eTool.