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A human resources manager recorded the experience and hourly wage for a sample of 10 technology workers.  

 Experience (years) 








Hourly Wage ($)

  1. Sketch a scatterplot showing the association between the wage and the years of experience. Describe the association.

  • Create a scatterplot with the -axis labeled "Experience (years)" and the y-axis labeled "Hourly Wage ($)."

  • See . Remember to describe the association.

  1. Sketch the residual plot. Is a linear model appropriate?

    Refer to the Math Notes box in this lesson to review residual plots.

    See . Is the linear model appropriate?
    Why or why not?

  2. What is the correlation coefficient? What does it tell you?

  • Remember that the correlation coefficient, , is a measure of how much or how little the data is scattered around the LSRL.

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