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The two triangles below are congruent. Write a congruence statement relating the triangles. Describe a sequence of transformations that maps one onto the other.    
Triangle A,H,N, labeled as follows: angle a, 90 degrees, horizontal leg, A,H, 6, vertical leg, A,N, 8, hypotenuse, H,N, 10. Triangle E,O,J, labeled as follows: angle O, 90 degrees, horizontal leg, J,O, 6, vertical leg, E,O, 8, hypotenuse, E,J, 10.

Remember a congruence statement looks like .
Also, remember that the order in which you name each triangle is important.

Use the eTool below to explore the problem.
Click the link at right for the full version of the eTool: Int1 7-20 HW eTool .