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Are the two triangles at right congruent? Make a sketch of both triangles. If they are congruent, describe a sequence of rigid transformations that maps one onto the other. Note: The triangles are not drawn to scale.

Using the three rigid transformations: translation, rotation, and reflection, how can you get to coincide (overlap) ?

Read the Math Notes box in Lesson 7.1.7, review the conditions for Triangle Congruence.
Do these triangles have enough congruent parts in the correct order to be considered congruent?

2 triangles, R,N,U, & C,A,T, labeled as follows: Sides R,U, 4.2, U,N, 12.2, R,N, 8.2, A,C, 4.2, C,T, 8.2, angle R, 47 degrees, angle A, 103 degrees, angle C, 47 degrees.