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Each team in Ms. Zaleski’s biology class is growing oyster mushrooms. The weight of several specimens was recorded along with the number of days of growth. The data that was collected is shown in the table below.   

Time (days)

Weight (g)

  1. Make a scatterplot for the data and sketch it onto your paper. Use time as the independent variable. Describe the association.

    Look at your graph. Does the data appear to form a pattern?

  2. The weight of the mushrooms depends on growth over time. What kind of equation do you suggest to model this data?

    If you were to draw a curve to fit the data points, would it be linear, quadratic, or exponential?

  3. Model the data with a regression equation. Does the y-intercept of your model make sense in this context?

    Use .

    What do you expect the oyster mushrooms to weigh after days?

  4. What do you predict an 8-day-old oyster mushroom will weigh? Use appropriate precision in your answer.

    Use your equation from part (c) to solve this problem.

Use the eTool below for help with the problem.
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