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The triangles, A, B, D & D, B, C with a base, D, B, in common. The angle opposite D, B has 1 tick mark for both triangles. Sides D, A and C, B are parallel. Callie started to prove that given the information in the diagram at right, then . Copy her flowchart below on your paper and help her by justifying each statement.

This flowchart has 6 bubbles. Bubble # 1 has an arrow, pointing down to bubble # 3. Bubble numbers 2, 3, and 4 have arrows, pointing down to bubble # 5. Bubble # 5 has an arrow, pointing down to bubble # 6.

Bubble # 1

Bubble # 2

Bubble # 3

Bubble # 4

Bubble # 5

Bubble # 6

Given in diagram.

Given in diagram.

If lines are parallel, then alt int angles are .

Shared side (or Reflexive Property)


Congruent triangles have congruent parts.