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For each pair of triangles below, decide if the triangles are congruent. If the triangles are congruent:

  • State which triangle congruence property proves that the triangles are congruent.

  • Write a congruence statement (such as ____).

  1. Triangle A, B, C and triangle B, C, D are connected to form a quadrilateral with side B, C, in common. Angle A and angle D are marked with two arcs. Side A, B and side C, D are both marked with one arrow each.

    What parts of these triangles makes them congruent? Do they share any parts?

    AAS ,

  1. Lines A, E, and B, D intersect at point C. B, C and C, D have 1 tick mark. Angle B and Angle D are 90 degrees.

    Use the same method as part (a), but use a different congruence property.
    Are there unmarked corresponding parts that are congruent?