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Mathography, Part 1: A mathography is a lot like your life history, except that it is focused on mathematics in your life. On the first page of the Lesson 1.1.1B Resource Page answer, the questions about yourself and your experience with mathematics.

  1. Read the instructions for the “Personal Data” section (reprinted below). Write down a few planning ideas, then get a separate piece of paper and write about yourself.

    Personal Data: Tell your teacher about yourself. You may wish to include things like how many siblings you have, people you live with, sports you enjoy, favorite subjects in school, hobbies, and other topics you like.

    This is the first paper you will turn in to your teacher. Be sure to use your best writing skills. You can use the lines on the resource page to list your ideas, but write your full response on a separate piece of paper.

  2. Read the introduction to the “Your Math History” section (reprinted below). Then complete the tables, graph, and number lines on the resource page.

    Your Math History: Do you remember Kindergarten? How about 1st grade? Take a moment to recall as much as you can about each grade you have completed so far. Use what you remember to fill in the tables. You may be asked to add to your tables and graph at the end of this year.

Refer to your teacher's instructions in class!