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2-58 circle graph pic Ruth’s brother, Ethan, planted a garden for her as a surprise while she was away. He planted seeds for vegetables in 50% of the garden. He also planted flowers and herbs. Homework Help ✎

The entire circle in the graph at right represents the area of Ruth’s garden. If the lightly shaded portion represents flowers, estimate what percentage of the garden could be herbs. Explain your estimate.

Because the circle in the graph above represents the entire garden, the circle also represents 100%. Now can you tell how much the two shaded portions of the graph represent together?

The semicircle below represents 50% of the garden Ethan planted for Ruth. If the blue line segment divides the 50% section in half, each resulting half is 25% of the entire garden. Can this help you estimate the percentage that the dark portion represents?

The darkly shaded portion appears to be about 12.5% of the circle. It is about one fourth of the remaining 50%, so the garden was planted with about 12.5% herbs.