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Owen loves to eat hamburgers. He goes to his neighborhood grocery store to buy ground beef and buns to make hamburgers at home. He buys a package of hamburger buns for and a package of ground beef for . He only has a bill and wonders if he can buy some ketchup and mustard, too. The ketchup is , and the mustard is . He does not have to pay sales tax on food.

Does Owen have enough money to buy both the ketchup and the mustard? If he does, how much money will he have left over? If not, then what could he buy and how much would it cost?

Find the cost of the buns and the ground beef.

Subtract this amount from

Since the mustard itself is only less than the amount Owen has left,
he certainly cannot afford both the ketchup and the mustard. What can he
buy? How much will the total be?