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Use the Distributive Property to rewrite each product below. Simplify your answer.


  • Write the above product as and make a generic rectangle like the one at right. Generic rectangle: Top edge labeled: 20 on left, and + 8 on right. Left edge labeled: 60 on top, and + 3 on bottom. Interior sections are blank.

  • Find the product for each part of the rectangle. Added to the Generic rectangle: Interior sections labeled as follows: top left: 20 times 60 = 1200; top right: 8 times 60 = 480. bottom left: 20 times 3 = 60. bottom right: 8 times 3 = 24.

    Sum the products:


    Write this product as and create a generic rectangle similar to the one for part (a).


    You can use a generic rectangle like the one below to solve this problem.

    Generic Rectangle

    Top Edge Left is 

    Top Edge Middle is 

    Top Edge Right is

    Left Edge Top is

    Interior top left is blank   

    Interior top middle is blank

    Interior top right Is blank

    Left Edge Bottom is 

    Interior bottom left is blank

    Interior bottom middle is blank

    Interior bottom right is blank