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Lucas’ frog is sitting at on the number line. 

Use the eTool below to solve each of the parts.  
Click on the link at right for the full eTool version: 3-94 HW eTool 

  1. His frog hops 4 units to the right, 6 units to the left, and then 8 more units to the right. Write an expression (sum) to represent his frog’s movement.

    Using a number line, start at −2, then count the indicated hops right or left.

    Hops to the right can be represented with a positive number, while hops to the left can be represented with a negative number. Use this information to write an expression.

  2. Where does the frog land?

    See part (a).

  3. What number is the opposite of where Lucas’ frog landed?

    Lucas' frog landed on a positive number. Then the opposite of this number is one equally far from 0 on the negative side. You can represent this by putting a negative sign in front of your answer in part (b).