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Lucas’ frog is sitting at on the number line.

Use the eTool below to solve each of the parts.
Click on the link at right for the full eTool version: 3-94 HW eTool 

  1. His frog hops 4 units to the right, 6 units to the left, and then 8 more units to the right. Write an expression (sum) to represent his frog’s movement.

    Using a number line, start at −2, then count the indicated hops right or left.

    Hops to the right can be represented with a positive number, while hops to the left can be represented with a negative number. Use this information to write an expression.

    −2 + 4 − 6 + 8 = 4

  2. Where does the frog land?

    See part (a).

  3. What number is the opposite of where Lucas’ frog landed?

    Lucas' frog landed on a positive number. Then the opposite of this number is one equally far from 0 on the negative side. You can represent this by putting a negative sign in front of your answer in part (b).