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A triangular flower bed (space for planting flowers) needs a thin metal border all the way around it. The sides are feet, feet, and feet long.

  1. How many feet of border should be purchased? Make a sketch and show your work.

  • This problem is asking you to find the perimeter (distance around) the flower bed.

  • In order to cover the perimeter, feet of border should be purchased.

Begin by sketching a picture of the flower bed with labels.

A triangle with three sides. The left side is 6 feet, the bottom side is 9 feet, and the right side is 7 feet.

Add the lengths of the sides to find the perimeter.

7 feet + 6 feet + 9 feet = 22 feet

  1. If borders cost $8.75 per yard (and only whole numbers of yards can be purchased), how much would the border cost?

  • Remember to convert the length of border to yards before finding the cost.