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Rewrite each decimal as a fraction or fraction as a decimal. Homework Help ✎

  • Notice the place value of the decimal point.

  • What can you divide 7 by to get 0.007?

  • When you divide any number by 10, 100, 1000, etc., the decimal point moves to the left according to the number of zeros in the divisor.

  • Use the same method as in part (a).

  • Notice that 1.21 has a decimal point two decimal places to the left. Two decimal places refers to the hundredths place.

  • You can conclude from parts (a) and (c) that dividing by a number consisting of multiple zeros moves the decimal left a number of times equal to the amount of zeros.

  • 0.505

  • Notice that the number 100 has two zeros.

  • How many zeros does the denominator have? How many times and in which direction should the decimal point move?