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Croakie now has a new routine that is 59 feet long. Keep this distance in mind as you complete parts (a) and (b) below. Homework Help ✎

  1. In his new routine, Croakie makes seven super jumps, all the same length, and then hops 3 feet. How long is each super jump?

A diagram like the one below should help.

Before Croakie had to hop 3 feet, how far had he jumped?

If Croakie made 7 jumps that were all the same length to go 56 feet, how long was each jump?

59 feet − 3 feet = 56 feet

8 feet per jump

  1. If x represents the length of one super jump and 2x represents the length of two super jumps, write an expression that represents Croakie’s routine.

If you did 3 super jumps and then walked 5 feet the expression would be 3x + 5.