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Richie and Bethany play basketball and practice shooting free throws after school. During one practice session, Richie attempted 15 free throws and made 12 of them. Homework Help ✎

  1. Write a ratio comparing the number of free throws he made to the number that he missed.

  • If Richie made 12 free throws, that means he missed 3, since 15 - 12 = 3. Now write a ratio in the form of # of free throws made: # of free throws missed.

12 shots made: 3 shots missed or
4 shots made: 1 shot missed

  1. Bethany made eight free throws for every three that she missed. Did Bethany do better than Richie? Show how you know.

  • Can you change these fractions into a percent and compare Bethany to Richie?

  • No, Bethany did not do better than Richie. She made 72% of her shots and Richie made 80% of his.