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Jack and Jill were each placing points on the grid shown below. Jack’s points are the full circles, and Jill’s are the open circles. Homework Help ✎

  1. Record Jack and Jill’s points as ordered pairs.

    Remember, in an ordered pair, the x-coordinate (showing the placement along the x-axis) is listed first and the
    y-coordinate (showing the placement along the y-axis) is listed second, as in (x, y).

    Jill's ordered pairs are , and .
    Can you name Jack's ordered pairs?

  2. Give the coordinates of one more point that Jill could draw so that she has four of her points in a row.

    Can you spot the possible points? Here's a clue: the point should be at the value on the x-axis, so the ordered pair will look something like this .

    The two possible points are now plotted. Can you record their ordered pairs?