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Choose any strategy to find the area of each shape below. Use the information in the Math Notes boxes for help. Assume that the shape in part (a) is a parallelogram and that the shape in part (b) is a trapezoid.  

  1. A parallelogram, slanted right, with bottom side labeled, 4 in.  A right triangle is created by a dashed line segment of 5 in, drawn from the top left vertex, to the bottom side, at a 90 degree angle to the bottom.

  1. A trapezoid with horizontal parallel bases of 14 in, and 6 in. A dashed line, labeled 8 in, perpendicular to both bases, connects the bases.

  • Form a rectangle using the left portion of the parallelogram. Then find the area of the rectangle.

  • When the trapezoid is copied and rotated, a parallelogram can be formed.

    Form a parallelogram using the rotated trapezoid.

    Now find the area of the parallelogram.

    Use this area to find the area of the original trapezoid.

Use the eTool below to help you with this problem.
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