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In each of these problems, assume that people divide the food evenly. Write your answer as a division problem in fraction form: .

  1. If two people share one soda, how much of the soda should each person get?

    Make the numerator the number of items to share and the denominator the number of people sharing.

  2. If two people share three hamburgers, how much should each person get?

    Since you are dividing hamburgers among people, you can write this portion like this:

  3. If three people share a large box of fries, what part is each person’s share?

    Again, use a fraction to show dividing one box of fries among people, similarly to what you did in part (b).

  4. Three people share seven brownies. How many brownies should each person get?

    Try the rest of the problems on your own. Refer to part (b) above if you need help.

  5. Two people share five apple turnovers. How many turnovers should each person get?

  6. If five people share three cartons of chow mein, what is each person’s share?