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Draw rectangles to represent each integer, then divide them into the fractional parts indicated in the problem. Part (a) is done as an example.

  1. How many one-thirds are in ? That is, what is ?

    3 rectangles, each divided into, 3 equal sections.

    As you can see in the figure above, each rectangle represents 1, and each 1 is divided into three parts.
    If you count the thirds represented, you will find the answer to part (a).

  2. How many one-fourths are in ? That is, what is ?

    Try drawing a diagram as modeled in part (a).
    It may help to know that there are 4 one-fourths in 1.
    Can you find how many are in 5?

    There are 20 fourths in 5.

  3. How many one-sixths are in ? That is, what is ?

    Can you count the one-sixths in the three rectangles?

    3 rectangles each divided into 6 equal sections.

  4. How many one-fifths are in ? That is, what is ?

    The quotient is 30.