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Decide what the shapes below have in common. Write your answer in a complete sentence. Then draw two more shapes that belong to the same set.

Triangle, with bottom side longer than either the left or right side.

Parallelogram, with bottom and top sides, horizontal, and right and left sides, slanted and increasing to the right.

Pentagon, with all sides the same length.

Quadrilateral, with base horizontal, left and right sides are vertical, left side is taller than the right side, and the top side slants down and to the right.

Note: Many answers are possible.

Look for something true about all the shapes.

Consider things like:
-How many sides do they have?
-What types of angles do they all have?
-What names could describe all of them?

They all have at least one obtuse angle; they are all polygons.

Now, draw two more shapes that would belong to the set of shapes above.