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Write “theoretical” or “experimental” to describe the probabilities for each of the following situations.

  1. The chance of getting tails when flipping a coin is .

    Remember that theoretical probabilities are calculated mathematically based on what is expected while experimental probabilities are based on data collected in experiments.


  2. I flipped a coin eight times and got heads six times, so the probability is .

    Is this probability based on data from an actual test of flipping a coin?


  3. My mom packed my lunch three of the past five days, so the probability of my mom packing my lunch is .

    Ask yourself the same questions as you did in parts (a) and (b).

  4. The chance of winning the state lottery is in .

    Did someone actually test the probability of winning the lottery?

  5. Based on mathematical models, the chance of rain today is .

    One way to calculate probability without physically testing it is to use a mathematical model

  6. Lena got three “hits” in her last seven times at bats, so her chance of getting a hit is .

    How did Lena determine the probability that she would get a hit at her next bat?